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Deeper Skin Treatments and Enhancements



Targets- Acne scars, Pore Size, Sagging skin, Line and wrinkles, Aging concerns

Micro needling is a fantastic way to get the most out of your products as it increases the skin’s absorbency by a whopping 85%!The perfect antidotefor acne scars, pigmentation and collagen rejuvenation this treatment will definitely up your face game! 


Includes cleanse, numbing, needling, hydrating/calming sheet mask

 add LED red/yellow light for enhanced collagen stimulation $25




Targets- Dull/devitalized, rough skin, scarring, aging concerns


Microdermabrasion is a deeper exfoliation that sloughs off the top layer of skin revealing softer, smoother skin underneath and aiding in penetration of skin serums and moisturizers.This treatment can help with acne scarring and surface pigmentation but is not recommended for active acne.

Includes microdermabrasion exfoliation, treatment mask, hand and arm massage


$60 added to any face treatment

Buy 3 get 1 free

Buy 6 get 2 free



Targets- dull/devitalized, rough skin, aging concerns, scarring


My favourite exfoliation!Did you know that the vellus hair on your skin absorbs 40% of all skin care and makeup?What a waste! Well no longer with Dermaplaning! This is a deep surface exfoliation with the added benefit of removing facial vellus hair. Using a scalpel at 45 degrees it is the most intensive, least invasive surface exfoliation you can get. The results are an unparalleled smooth that cannot be achieved with any other treatment. Fantastic on it’s own but will greatly enhance any other treatment it is paired with.


$45 added to any face treatment

Buy 3 get 1 free

Buy 6 get 2 free

NUface Micro-current Lift


Known as pilates for the face, this treatment uses micro-current to stimulate muscles, re-educating them to go back where they belong.You work out your body and now your face can get the same attention.Micro-current also stimulates collagen/elastin production with long term effects when done regularly. Your skin will immediately be visibly lifted, tighter and firmer!

Best done in a series or added on to any face treatment


$40 for full face trainer

$20 for eye and lip trainer

$45 paired together

Buy 3 get 1 free

Buy 6 get 2 free

Skin Resurfacing


Targets- many skin conditions, refer below

A step between exfoliation and a chemical peel.Resurfacing treatments will give you deep results quickly and without the downtime! These treatments target a range of skin issues and can be adjusted according to your skin’s needs of the moment. They can also be paired with other treatments.


$45 added to any face treatment

buy 3 get 1 free

buy 6 get 2 free

Lactic acid- for sensitive skin, dehydration or your first resurfacing treatment. Lactic acid is fantastic ingredient for skin smoothing, brightening and hydrating.  Lactic acid draws moisture to the skin and paired with advanced ingredients like grape stem cells this treatment will leave you your brightest and dewiest.


Primary Pumpkin-  Being anti-microbial, anti-bacterial pumpkin is a fantastic choice for acne concerns.  With Orange stem cells and added AHA’s this treatment will also help with pigmentation and scarring from acne.


C-Infusion-A great way to get that glow! With High concentrations of Vitamin C, orange stem cells and antioxidant powerhouse ferulic acid, this treatment will have you beaming and ready for any special occasion.


Mandelic acid- Is a gentle way to combat dark spots and sun damage as well as acne and acne scarring.  It is known to reduce hyperpigmentation and inflammation by 50%, depending on where the pigmentation sits in the skin.  Formulated with pigment reversing niacinimide(b3) and licorice root this treatment will help you achieve your best and brightest skin. Organic and made fresh in France.


Glycolic acid-  The showstopper!  Glycolic is 100% natural derived from sugar cane and is known to penetrate the deepest due to the micro size of the molecule.  This treatment will smooth those fine lines and wrinkles as well as treat hyperpigmentation at the lower levels of the skin.  Organic and made fresh in France.

Gua Sha/Shiatsu Face massage

Targets- Aging, Wrinkles, Sagging, sluggish circulation,  dull/devitalized, stress, muscle tightness and soreness


This is a deep facial massage which will leave you floating on a cloud! Using deeper penetrating techniques such Lymphatic drainage, Chinese acupressure with Gua Sha and Jade Rolling tools. This facial massage will not only relax and calm but also remove toxins, stimulate circulation, lift, firm and tone the skin while smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles.


$40 a la carte

$20 added to any face treatment

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