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Sheer Zinc SPF30 Tinted Sunkissed

Sheer Zinc SPF30 Tinted Sunkissed


SheerZinc™ SPF 30 protects the skin’s elastin proteins from being destroyed by exposure to UV rays.  this ensuring broad-spectrum protection while leaving the skin with a sunkissed glow.


Envision a sunscreen that not only softens signs of aging but also has a restorative effect on your skin’s previous sun exposure. This 100% physical sunscreen is light enough to wear under makeup and harnesses the power of zinc oxide to guard and protect your skin. This mineral-based sunscreen absorbs quickly, working to shelter your skin.

Best For: Essential SheerZinc™ SPF 30 Tinted is appropriate for all types of skin, however particularly effective for sensitized and acne-prone skin.


For Medium Skin Tone

Size: 2oz

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