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Pure Himalayan White Tea
  • Pure Himalayan White Tea


    Esthemax™ Hydrojelly Masks are the perfect addition to your daily or weekend routine!  Hydrojelly masks, infused with electrolytes, are the most favored peel-off masks used by beauty professionals!  The masks compress and seal the contours of the skin to allow for complete absorption of nutrients and hydration to the deepest layer of the skin.  Hydrojelly masks have a natural cooling and soothing effect that is not only refreshing but also helps firm and revitalize the skin for a healthy glow.  Feed your skin once a week!


    • Catechins in White tea help flush out the toxins that accumulate in the skin 
    • Helps with acne and uneven skin tone
    • Clarifies and flushes out toxins
    • Infused with electroyltes to balance moisture levels, strengthen and repair skin barrier and produce a healthy glow



    • 2 1oz. Pure Himalayan White Tea Hydrojelly™ Masks
    • 2 Trays
    • 1 Spatula
    • 1 Scoop
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