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Introducing Dermaquest+ Advanced Serums!

I'm so excited to introduce this next generation of serums from Dermaquest! Dermaquest+! These new formulations will take some of our old favourites to a new level!

In this post I will go over the new features that make these serums so advanced and effective. There is a lot to go over but if you like to geek out on skin care ingredients as much as I do, it'll be worth your while!

Each new serum contains these new special features and uses a trifecta of ingredient technologies targeting skin concerns to the maximum potential.

  1. Upgraded delivery system,

  2. New advanced high tech ingredients

  3. Microbiome protection.

Boasting new Ingredient delivery technology to make sure those high potency ingredients are absorbed into all the layers of the skin and going where they need to go. Dermaquest has already utilized advanced delivery to the cells using Lipospheres which bring water-soluble ingredients to the lower levels of the skin and kemspheres which deliver oil-soluble ingredients. Now there are new Hydroxysomes which are a more advanced delivery system.

Hydroxysomes® are porous, rigid spherical beads of Calcium and Phosphate

ions used to deliver performance ingredients 3 x's more

effectively into the skin than a traditional delivery system

  • Patented delivery system that enhances penetration level of performance ingredients

  • Game changing delivery platform, controlled delivery with time-release

  • Biocompatible and well absorbed into the skin

  • Improves stability of actives

  • Sustained release that improves skin barrier, retains hydration levels and skin regeneration

  • The release of Actives is controlled by stratum corneum (first skin layer) acid pH.

Another Delivery system exclusive to the new advance Dermaclear Serum and the Stem Cell 3D Active Retinol Serums are microsponges.


  • Delivery vehicle and Oil Absorber

  • White amorphous polymeric powder (cellulose microparticles) that absorbs high levels of lipophilic materials

  • Absorbs 1.5 times its weight in oil

  • Enhances delivery of actives and provides sebum control, mattifying effects and oil absorption

  • Enters through the hair follicle

  • Facilitate controlled release of active ingredients into the skin in order to reduce reactions to the product.

  • Reduce side effects, improve patient compliance and modify drug release.

  • Minimizes creasing and 'bleeding' after application of lipsticks and eye products (acts as a primer for makeup)

These new delivery systems are very exciting but I am most excited about the updated Microbiome technology!

Our skin is made up of about 300 million cells which hosts about 3 trillion different kinds of good bacteria which helps to maintain our skin's functions. When we lose function of these bacteria with an unhealthy microbiome it can cause all kinds of skin issues from acne to eczema. Maintaining a healthy biome is becoming one of the most important ways to maintain healthy glowing skin. Dermaquest+ serums all come with a new ingredient called Cultibiota which is a prebiotic, meaning that it feeds the bacteria on the skin to keep it healthy.

Cultibiota is a combination of nutrient-rich vitamins and minerals that maintain biodiversity and balance the skin’s microbiota, like fertilizer to soil. Cultibiota is made of 4 components which work together to keep the microbiome healthy and those good bacteria fed.

  • Brown Seaweed Extract, (sugars + polyols).

  • Green Micro-Algae Extract (amino acids + peptides)

  • Marine Expopolysaccharide Solutions (polysaccharide)

  • Earth Marine Water (minerals + trace elements)

Benefits of Cultiobiota

  • A universal, stable prebiotic or marine breakfast that rebalances the skin’s microbiome, which is negatively affected by multiple stress factors.

  • Nourish microorganisms that reside on the skin

  • Anti-inflammatory functions to reduce redness and calm compromised skin

  • Balance the pH of the skin

  • Improves skin’s natural UV filtration

  • Improves skin’s imperfections and appearance

  • Restores the skin to homeostasis

It is becoming increasingly relevant to maintain a healthy microbiome which can help to alleviate skin conditions as well as protect the skin, preventing further damage from happening. A balanced microbiome may help in the reduction of acne, eczema, dry skin, wrinkles and skin cancer due to UV damage. So I'm very happy to see the introduction of this amazing ingredient into the new Dermaquest+ serums!

Then there are the amazing new high tech combination of ingredients to round out our skin saving trifecta! These ingredients include new hydrators to nourish the skin, skin protectors and anti-inflammatory ingredients as well as new technology to address aging in the skin, targeting those lines and wrinkles!

AcquaCell is new ingredient which is a hydrator for the skin using a complex blend of Watermelon RindExtract, Lens Esculenta (Lentil) FruitExtract, Apple Extract, Glycerin, SodiumLactate and Sodium PCA. What makes this formulation special is that it provides

  • Immediate hydration benefits (15 minutes to 24 hours post application)

  • Natural moisturizer providing 24-hour hydration, and increases water retention

  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles

  • Reduces irritation

Hylasome™ (Sodium Hyaluronate Crosspolymer) is a super-hydrating ingredient using a crosspolymer delivery, which means traditionally hyaluronic acid would only penetrate one way in to the skin. Hylasome™ penetrates the skin in many different ways to ensure each cell receives the hydration it needs.

  • Advanced cross-linked hyaluronic acid water-delivery system

  • A high-tech, film-forming, water-binding hydrator at 50 times the water binding capacity of traditional Hyaluronic Acid

  • Offers continuous water-delivery and retention

  • Time-released water delivery (throughout the day as needed)

  • Free radical scavenger that decreases trans epidermal water loss (TEWL)

Hyaluronic Acid Powder (2%) Is a new concentrated powder version of hyaluronic acid. Which is 4x more concentrated than the original 50% mix that was used in the older versions of Dermaquest serums.

  • High purity and highly concentrated

  • High- Medium- and Low-weight HA for increased spread ability, efficacy and enhanced penetration

  • Improves elasticity and suppleness

  • Reduces trans epidermal water loss (TEWL)

MossCellTec™ NO. 1 Is a biotechnologically produced moss developed from an extract of the cells of the Physcomitrella patens moss, which is obtainable in a reproducible and

sustainable way by tissue culture.

  • Enables skin to adapt to environmental changes

  • Enhances cell nucleus function for resilient skin

  • Improves skin moisture, even in stressful conditions

  • Refines skin and creates a flawless complexion

  • Maintains cell nucleus health to ensure youthful skin

  • Strengthens skin resilience against urban aggressors

Last but not least we have our new Age Management Ingredients that are next level for tightening those fine lines and wrinkles, calming down inflammation which can lead to inflammaging and to reduce hyperpigmentation in the skin. Here are a few examples!

Agefinity™ (4%) Works to restructure the skin matrix and densify collagen and dermal fibres for stronger cohesion. Meaning it helps to restore youthfulness to the the skin by strengthening the skin matrix itself. It provides

  • A green energy source to restructure skin matrix

  • Significantly increases collagen organization (fiber cohesion) and density

  • Reprograms mitochondrial energy metabolism in aging cells (kick starts)

  • Significantly reduces visible age spots

  • Visibly reduces crows-feet wrinkles

  • Reduces neck wrinkles to remodel the Y-zone (face and neck junction)

  • Decreases wrinkles depth and protein oxidation (aging process)

  • Vegan suitable, Halal certified.

Matrixyl® Morphomics™ (2%) Is a new version of the classic Matrixyl peptide that we have known in our favourite Dermaquest serums and moisturizers like the Peptide Line Corrector and Nourishing Peptide Rich. It is an anti-wrinkle peptide which

  • Offers significant reduction of vertical lines (frown lines, marionette lines, nasogenian fold) as well as crow's feet

  • Diminishes appearance of frown and marionette lines

  • Results seen and guaranteed within 6 weeks of use.

Synoxyl® an amazing new ingredient that provides 24/7 protection! This ingredient is a trooper that keeps on working after you have applied it. So while sleeping or awake it is continuously doing it's job to keep your skin trouble-free.

  • All-in-one quencher, free radical scavenger and metal-ion stabilizer, eliminating toxins from the skin (helps protect from pollution and imflammaging)

  • A lipophilic multi-targeted anti-aging active to stop aging before it happens

  • 24/7 DNA prevention and repair of skin damage beyond the capabilities of UV protection

  • Reduces both immediate and delayed DNA damage

  • Maintains Extracellular Matrix (EMC) homeostasis by stimulating transforming growth factor beta for wound healing and anti-inflammatory benefits.

All these new ingredients and formulations are so very exciting! It's always fun and interesting to go over the nuts and bolts of how they work on the skin and the actual benefits that are received.

There are 10 new serums, 7 of which are updates of old favourites. These include

  • Essential B5 Hydrating Serum (now more hydrating!)

  • Essential Stem Cell Rebuilding Complex

  • C-Infusion Serum

  • Dermaclear Serum

  • Skinbrite Serum

  • Peptide Line Corrector Serum

  • Stem Cell 3D Hydrafirm Serum

The 3 New serums are fully customizable Retinol, which is a whole article in itself!

Thank you for reading this blog post, it is my absolute first. I hope that it has been very informative! I plan to go over each serum individually and to do a post on the Retinol serums as well. Any feedback is much appreciated and if you have any questions or anything you would like further information on, do feel free to leave a comment or to message me directly.

Thank you and Happy Skin Journey!

Crystal Rose

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